Friday, March 2, 2012

my arti-sh dabblings

A few weeks ago, I was attempting some moose drawings, since I just love moose. They have the kindest looking faces, I think! But then I began to branch out to trying to capture some other of my favorites.
I recently saw a NGW channel documentary about beavers. I then realized that I loved beavers. They are amazingly intelligent and as I have said before, if they could speak, they would most definitely have British accents. Indubitably.
Foxes are so darn cute, too. Crafty, agile. Things I would aspire to be. And what a lovely red coat they have. Possibly British accent there too!
HOT AIR BALLOONS! Especially vintage looking ones. For some reason, I am sooo obsessed with them now. I imagine them floating gracefully guessed it...London ... England!
I made this sketch into a poster after adding text and background effects with picnik online photo editing. I figured I would get some use out of picnik before it closes down. (Booooo hoo to its closing) I then uploaded it to the Walmart online photo center and had it printed as a poster which now hangs over my fireplace.
**as a footnote, I have been adding the color to the sketches with watercolor pencils and have also tried the watercolor and ink style which I hope to master a lot better. I also enjoy just using basic drawing pencils because of the vintage effect I believe they give a picture.

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  1. So glad you are using all of this talent!! I love seeing your drawings!!