Wednesday, March 7, 2012


this is my photo inspiration

my rendition of a smiley lookin donkey

Last Sunday, we went to Oak Mountain State Park about an hour away in Birmingham with my daughter, son in law and grandson, Kavi. Since we had eaten at Flip Burger first, we only had about 15 minutes at the petting zoo barnyard. One of my favorite animals are the donkeys which I think have the cutest, friendliest looking faces. I snapped a bunch of pics with my phone camera, and a few days later used on of them for reference for a painting. It was my first try at doing a whole scene with foreground and background, using watercolors and ink. One of my challenges is knowing when to stop adjusting the picture. But I am having fun experimenting with ink and watercolor and figure that practice will do me good!


  1. Wow! your picture is fantastic, well done, Mr Smiley looks just like his photo! x