Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Borrowers

With the new movie "Arriety" coming out, I was happily reminded of books I read as a child that I just loved. The Borrowers, by Mary Nortan. I downloaded The first book in the series on my Kindle Fire last week and was brought back to the warm memory of reading about these tiny folks who lived under the floorboards and "borrowed"tiny things from the "beans" (human beings) to build their world. England is the setting for these books, so I am always disappointed when they are not portrayed so in movies, but still enjoyed watching the Borrowers movie from the late 90s.
In another nostalgic rant about creativity, pinterest would have loved the Clock family. Knitting with sewing needles, making wallpaper out of hand written letters, turning empty spools into tables, cozy fires... These books will make your imagination soar, even as an adult.
I have no idea what form of amnesia I had when my girls were younger, but I never thought about them reading these stories or other books that I thoroughly enjoyed when I was young. Like the Trixie Belden series of mysteries. Anyone out there ever hear of them? They were awesome. I may just have to re-read them all now, even though I am ancient-like now!

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