Sunday, March 25, 2012

Hot Air Ballon Baby Shower

To celebrate a long time friend of my daughter's baby coming soon, me and the girls collaborated with Cindy's mom Nancy to throw a Hot Air Balloon Themed baby shower. My daughter Jenny thought of the theme, so we did the decorations and provided our house for it, while Nancy did all the cookies and sweet treats and most of the food. Christina (my other awesome kid) and a few other friends also brought some delicious shower foods.
The Balloons are made from paper lanterns, crepe paper streamers and little baskets. Easy to make and so fun looking!
Nancy made these cookie pops and marshmallow flower pops. Perfect for a spring shower, don't you think?

Favors were hot air balloon note cards from Michael' s Crafts with some stick candy from Cracker Barrel displayed on the old crib spring that Angela from Pickles on Pizza gave me last summer!
Mason jars and paper straws in a vintage suitcase with paper balloon corsages. Two of the corsages had a hot air balloon stamped on the back for prizes.
So simple to make but so pretty was the crepe paper fringe made by looping it over twine and securing with a dot of glue stick.
Also made some on some empty metal planter frames
Jenny wrapped some crepe paper on our front tree and I stuck some azalea branches on it for more color
This shower was fun and festive and the food was delicious!

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  1. Love all the colorful decorations. You gals are so creative! Have missed your blog and am back on mine after a three-month break. Here's to a spring and summer of fun and family for all of us.