Saturday, April 7, 2012

shoe shop till ya drop

Patricia by Crocs
KORKS Brenda Sandal

Carlie Flat by Crocs
Mosaic Sandal by White Mountain

Every change of season, it seems that I go through a "gotta find comfortable shoes for (insert spring, summer, winter or fall here)" . Sounds simple enough, but man, it couldn't be more complicated. You see I want comfort AND style which seems to be the odd couple of shoes. I don't want to look orthopedic you know, I just have foot issues and need something more than a flat, thin sole, I need arch support, but I am not at the "I don't care what my feet look like " stage in life. Granted, I am not that far away from that stage, but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do until then!
So last weekend, Jenny, Rachel and I drove 60 miles to a nice mall in Birmingham. Christina opted out of this venture as she dislikes marathon shopping trips, which shoe shopping can certainly be. We looked at all the department and shoe stores in the mall with nothing to show for it, so we went to the DSW outside the mall. We were there right up to closing, battling with styles and prices. Let's face it, comfort and well made are no longer 25 dollars or less. So...we left DSW with NOTHING! None of us. Nada, zilch, zip! Jenny really loved a pair of wedges that were actually comfortable but expensive, and I had the same dilemma, a few pair I liked...but oh the price....I am sooo cheap.
The next day we went to our local Mall, which has limited choices, but oh well, what did we have to lose? Lo and behold, the Belks there had the same shoes Jenny tortured herself over with different wedge height choices for less than at DSW! AND,and a similar pair of the shoes I was interested in were there also for 20 dollars cheaper! So we each got some nice and comfy shoes right in our own backyard!
I bought some crocs that weren't hideous! No hot pink or orange clogs for me, no sir! The peep toe flats I got are very comfortable and easy slip ons, which some days are all I want on my feet! My second pair is the Mosaic sandal by White Mountain. Even though there is a little heel, the arch support and memory foam make them feel wonderful on my feet!
I may be hooked now, on better made shoes. I would seriously be willing to toss away all the cheapo shoes in my closet for a few shoes that didn't make me limp after 20 minutes .
Rachel also got a cute pair of crocs and Jenny got wedges by Kork Ease that she can wear all day at work without pain. (she is on her feet most of her day)
So....hope you can find some shoes to give you happy feet! They may be right in your own backyard!


  1. Being a "barefooter" with big feet I've had a hard time finding comfortable shoes for 76 yrs. I too need the arch support, can't wear anything with even a slight heel and have even had to buy in the men's dept. to get something wide enough. I love the idea of those peep toe....I cut the end out of shoes I use for gardening so I don't end up with a sore toe. I have found comfy sandals and flats at Zappos on line.

    Have a nice your new shoes.

  2. How lucky you are to find shoes, and bargains at that! I have absolutely no luck finding comfy shoes. When you ask clerks if they sell wide widths, they look at you like you're from Mars!

  3. Hey! I have that first pair of black sandal crocs and love them ...took me a while to get used to the idea of "plastic" shoes but in black and a sandal the function outweighed anything lacking in form!! Nothing like a comfy shoe!