Thursday, July 28, 2011

Next Week Will be AWESOME!!!

I am so incredibly excited about next week!! "Why?" you ask? Well, I'll tell ya! My daughter Christina from Consider The Coffee, and my grandson Kavi are coming for a visit here in Alabama!! It is so much fun when they come here, only more fun when Stina's husband Suj gets to visit too. We are dreaming that he will make it here towards the end of the visit so they can drive home together!
The World's Longest Yard Sale starts right after they arrive and we are going to get to meet Angela, from Pickles on Pizza!! Me and Stina are both blog friends with her and can't wait to meet in real life. I love her blog because when you read it you feel like you are right there with her hearing her funny stories and drooling over her awesome vintage finds! I feel like I know her already and have had like three dreams about it, all good ones where we laugh and talk and have fun yard sailing together!
So...Kavi, Stina, yard Sailing, meeting an awesome person and her husband just makes for a memorable time I am sure!
Oh, and The Help movie comes out on August 10th while Stina is here and we are for sure going to see that together.


  1. I am so jealous! You get to me Angela- give her a big hug for me :)

  2. I am excited toooooo!!! I have been counting down the days!! Only 2 work days to go - then I will be home all day Wednesday getting things together and we are leaving the minute Aubrey gets off work Wednesday night!!! Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!