Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Thanks Anthony Bordain!

Do you ever watch a TV show about food that makes you obsessively crave the delectable delights showcased? Well, it happens to me all the time. The sad thing is that it is near impossible to find fresh made, good quality food in our town which results in hour long drives to Birmingham where there are several places we love.
That being said, however, we have not had any good Pizza since we have lived here. Pizza Hut? Nah! Papa John's or Little Ceasars? Ummm, NO! I grew up in NYC where Pizza parlors galore dotted the neighborhoods and even the crappiest NY Pizza was multiple levels above what can be found here.
So, the other night, Anthony Bordain was in Naples, Italy eating the most amazing, decadent yet simply made pizza I have ever seen. Burnt bubble crust...sigh...fresh mozzarella...gulp...brick ovens...oh my.
The next day, I had to make some home made pizza, so I made sure to get some fresh mozzarella, basil, calamata olives and artichoke hearts.
This recipe for whole wheat crust was very good ( I am trying to eat more whole grains) and I could only imagine the texture if it was baked in a brick pizza oven. The fresh cheese made all the difference. If you make some yourself, I highly recommend using it over the regular stuff.
The crust was a little soft , but delicious, and if you go to the recipe link you can read reviews and see how people tweaked it.
I made one with sauce which was left over from the day before pasta dinner and used some chopped shallots, the olives and artichoke hearts, topped with crumbled mozzarella , basil leaves and lightly drizzled with olive oil. I made the second pie the same except with basil and evoo mixture instead of the sauce. I baked them at 425 degrees for about 15 minutes, but might pre-
bake the crust slightly next time to make it a little crispier.

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