Sunday, January 9, 2011

what I got so far...

We waited all day for the snow to fall and even had a "waitin for snow party" on our front porch with our fire pit going, hot dogs, marshmallows, hot cocoa, popcorn. We had almost given up when around 7:30PM it actually started to precipitate. At first just a little "wintry mix", then turning in to real live snow that accumulated rather quickly. (Angela, I hope you eventually got snow too, cause I know how excited you were!)
Me and Jenny and Rachel are especially giddy about it, they girls staying on the front porch for hours, huddling around the fire, venturing out every once in a while to frolic in the snow, then huddling around the fire to warm up, etc.
Our friend and neighbor Andy had this great lantern for a photo prop, so don't worry we weren't lost in the snow, just goofing around!
Hopefully we will have more fun pics to share tomorrow!


  1. aww... i love that you had a little "party" on the porch! sounds cozy!!

  2. No, as usual - it snowed all around us. We got big flakes for about 10 minutes in the morning and then they were too tiny to see after that. At around 11 last night it almost covered our yard but you could see the grass sticking out in the middle a bit.

    I love the lantern pictures-- and the waiting for snow party-- fabulous idea!!! Sounds like a really fun time!

  3. So glad you told us about the source of the lantern...I was about to get in the car and bring down a long rope so you could tie one end to the barn and one to the porch so you could find your way back and forth through the blizzard. Guess I've seen too much "Little House on the Prairie." hehe

    Loved the collage...your really got some good snow pics!