Saturday, January 8, 2011

Boot Scootin Boogie

I bet that many of you reading this post are expecting or have just experienced some snowage! Well. I am ready for snow and ice with my trusty $19.00 rubber boots from Walmart!
The 5 o'clock News last night was dominated by the weather reports of snow a comin our way in the South, resulting in a bread buying frenzy at the stores. Walmart's bread aisle was empty except for some stray whole wheat loaves.
When I lived in Florida, we would have several almost hurricanes come through our area and I never quite felt ready for a disaster. Everyone would rush to the stores buying bottled water, toilet paper, bread, milk and all the canned foods you usually couldn't stand. I would buy some peanut butter as my valiant effort at staying alive without power or running water. Luckily we were never hit that hard, but one year when we lost power, my son in law cooked the most delicious Indian food out on our grill. Needless to say, we had it pretty good! Last night I did buy some frozen foods and peppermint hot cocoa and milk of course and bread, but I just can't see the whole town falling apart from a little snow. I hope I am right about that!
Last night the predictions were for 5-8 inches accumulation starting Sunday night. Not exactly a blizzard folks. Now this morning the reports are for 1-4 inches. We better get something, because I was in Florida when Gadsden had it's first White Christmas in recorded history, and I bought those cool rubber boots last night so I could frolic in the stuff!
Hope your weekend is cozy and warm! Stay safe!


  1. Hope you get to break-in those boots!
    Five inches is more than enough for me. Hope we miss it this time.

  2. haha, yes, i hope you get to use your cool boots too! i always had to laugh when i lived in dc (almost the south) and people went nuts buying toilet paper before a few inches came.

  3. I don't know why people go made buying up everything when bad weather is predicted!!!! Or for that matter on what we call here 'Bank Holiday' the shops still open, and Christmas time, the shops only close for a day for goodness sake not like years ago when they would all be closed both days minimum!!!!!

  4. We've had snow all day in Delaware. Not heavy, just about 3 inches. It's cold, though, and I'm sitting by the fire!

  5. YOO HOOO!! I am so excited!! I have felt like a kid waiting on Christmas all day!! Our chances went from 30% to 80%...darn, I should have gotten some rubber boots too! I guess I will have to triple up on my socks because if it snows, you better believe I am going to be out in it just like you!! I have been charging my camera (of course I had to go get a loaf of bread), I even put an announcement in my shop that if the storm hits, shipping day will be on Wednesday instead of Monday. I have my fingers crossed for both of us!!