Saturday, January 22, 2011

gotta get it in gear

the courtyard at the Cultural Arts building taken during a walk this past week

a display I am working on

I have really got to kick it up a notch when it comes to crochet projects for my etsy shop and for a display in a shop downtown. Ever since I did the craft bazaar in early December, I have been kinda discombobulated. (surprisingly I actually spelled that previous word correctly the first time around!)
Like last year, I sold most of my inventory at the craft fair, while my etsy sales were minimal. Of course winter is usually my busy time, especially right before Christmas, but my focus has been more on making things for the bazaar, so less items, less frequently were added to my etsy shop which results in less sales. I prefer the bazaar sales since a bigger amount of money can be made over one weekend and shipping is not an issue. Now that this winter seems to be especially cold and snowy around the U.S., I need to be adding warm accessories to my etsy shop, but instead I have been racking my brain trying to think of ways to display some hair accessories at "The Funky Little Store" downtown. I think I have come up with a compact display and realize that I need to make more crocheted hair clips for it. The display is burlap stapled to a canvas with ribbons running vertically for the clips to attach to.
I also want to work on a few afghans or throw pillows to display in the shop as well. So, I should be crocheting my little heart out on scarves, leg warmers, fingerless gloves, hair accessories, afghans and pillows. Yet I get so easily distracted. Like working on a pillow cover for my living room. Or,spending too much time at the computer. The weather is perfect for crocheting. Cold weather always inspires me, especially at night with a nice hot cup of tea by my side.
So my goal for this weekend and next week is to work on these projects one at a time, first hair clips, then scarves, then afghans and pillows. Wish me luck!
BTW I have yet to buy a full week of groceries from my e-meals shopping list. I am giving myself one more week to get that in to gear, or I am canceling it. At least I have tried a few good recipes from it. I am too picky to follow a menu in its entirety for a whole week. Unfortunately I am a "wing it" kind of girl with a lot of things :)


  1. Good luck with your weekend plans. I really can't plan meals too far in advance. Who knows what I'll feel like eating tomorrow let alone 2 weeks from now. It's better for me to just have a well stocked pantry and freezer.

  2. Good luck with the projects. Etsy is slow right now so I should be building up inventory, but I am not super motivated. Love your idea for the display.

  3. I love your display solution idea, very inventive, but my goodness you are putting a lot of pressure on yourself with everything you need to do.
    One thing at a time! it will all happen as it should and then you will have all of your sale items ready to go.
    Take time to enjoy your craft, and don't allow it to become a chore. x