Tuesday, January 25, 2011

for the love of...cardigans

Have I ever mentioned how much I love cardigans? Nice longish ones, some lightweight, some more cozy chunky like? Especially in winter since I moved out of Florida? Well, I do! I have always loved the layered look, ever since I was in high school in New York during the 70s. It is the best way to add that extra cozy warmth or finishing look to an otherwise drab outfit. I have several of them now, but wish I had more. I can never find the colors I would prefer to have, like rust or mustard yellowy gold. In fact most of mine come from Old Navy or Target and it seems that those stores go through color themes each season which are rarely the colors I am liking at the moment. Do any of you have old sweaters that you can't bear to get rid of even when they have "problems" like little itty bitty holes or let's say the dreaded "pills"? I have actually "shaved" old sweaters so I could still wear them!
Last winter, here in Alabama, was considered the coldest in a long time, and people were saying that it would be a milder one this year, but they were wrong. Don't misunderstand, I LOVE winter since my hot flashes have kicked in, but even I have been a little too chilly on days with highs in the 30s! I do not miss the tropical weather however, I simply layer up while at home or under my winter coat. A cardigan can work wonders.
(all the pictures are from Forever 21 with the exception of the pinkish fuchsia one, and I would LOVE to own every single one of them!))


  1. My daughter and I love cardigans, too. Warm, comfy, and pockets! Love your new banner.

  2. I love them too! I like the long ones that wrap and have a belt! I tell Aubrey all the time that it is just like wearing a robe but I get to go out in public with it on! My current favorite is a tan one - last year I could not quit wearing a gray one I have

  3. love that one on the top...i do love me sweaters and the layered look!

    highs in the 30's though? dang, that is considered the start of spring here, lol.