Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Random This and That

a tea pot cozy I just crocheted

long leg warmers I made on special order for a crafty friend who takes ballet

Hawaiian Chicken and Rice
Well guys, almost all traces of last weeks snow have disappeared and it took almost a week for that to happen. I was so euphoric when it all happened and loved taking those walks in the snow...but...with no snow plows, or salt equipment, this town pretty much shut down. School was out all week and even though I don't have kids in school, parents I know were pulling their hair out by Friday, and yesterday, schools were also off for Martin Luther King day! I did have a good share of cabin fever knowing that roads were icy still last week making them dangerous to travel on. Instantly made me crave going to the big city an hour away.
I have kept busy though with random projects like the extra long leg warmers for a friend we met at last year's craft bazaar. We are trading the legwarmers for one of her tee shirt scarves which is a great way to do business if you ask me!
I also, just completed a tea pot cozy which I had at one time thought was a useless item, but not any more! This winter has been a cold one so far and hot tea is an evening staple for me. I have made a pot full of tea only to have it be cool by the time I pour my second cup. Hmmm, maybe the cozy idea is worth a go. So I looked at a few patterns for cozies and then improvised my own which worked up pretty quickly. Tonight is its maiden voyage, lets hope it really works to keep things toasty!
Last week I signed up for a weekly menu, shopping list plan for Walmart and have so far had two recipes from it. Both were really good. One being a Middle Eastern Dinner with ground turkey, craisins, curry, onion, garlic, rice, almonds and I forget what else and that was really tasty with a little tweaking. (I signed up for vegetarian so I could have healthier ideas and just swap out real meat for the fake stuff) Yesterday, Rachel made the Hawaiin Chicken and Rice which was also really good too. I would never have thought of these combination of ingredients, but I really liked it. I tried to do the whole shopping list today at Walmart but both bridges to that part of town were impassable because of maintenance and an accident so I ended up at Winn Dixie. I will let you know how the first week on that plan is after I finally attempt an entire week. I am not really good at following things exactly, but I guess a little extra this or that can't hurt!


  1. That's a cute teapot cozy. Love the colors and just the thought of keeping the tea warm. Our snow is almost gone but the clouds and rain are sticking around. I'm ready for the three days of spring we'll get before it turns summer!

  2. The leg warmers are pretty (and what a great idea to do a trade!) I don't follow through on things very well either but that is one of the things I am trying to change this year. Hope your tea pot cozy worked. Have you seen the apple cozy things? I am not really sure what those are for. Do you know? It is hard to believe your snow is just now melting!! I think I got jipped on that deal!

  3. yes, I have seen the apple cozies! They are so cute and I guess they are supposed to cover your apple as you toss it in your purse. The only thing is that they don't seem to cover the entire apple....at least the ones I've seen!

  4. i wish i liked tea.... that tea pot with the cozy looks so cute!!

    that Hawaiian chicken and rice dish looks delicious!! wow!

    we are supposed to get some snow here over the weekend... but i am ready for it to go away already!!

  5. Love the cozy...adorable! Makes me want to sit and chat and have a cup of tea with you!

  6. lovely teapot cozy...so jealous of your crochet skills. i can do it, but can't read one of those patterns to save my life!

    and can i come over for hawaiian chicken and rice? ;) looks so good!