Tuesday, January 11, 2011

day 3 of snowmageddon

scenes from today's walk
Day three of the snow storm resulted in one very stir crazy husband who still couldn't work, a drive to Walmart over scary icy bridges, a walk to our downtown to go to the bank and local grocery store on the way back. I talked Ray in to joining us this time since some new waterproof boots were purchased this morning and all four of us were now equipped with proper footage for a slushy walk.
Almost everything was closed down in the downtown with the exception of our bank and an eatery. Usually a bustling street, no action today, although city crews were clearing the front of the courthouse so it could reopen tomorrow. Schools will still be closed tomorrow because colder temperatures are expected tomorrow causing ice problems.
After stopping at the Giant Johnson's grocery store we took the scenic route home taking pictures of the roads, my boot, and neighborhood snow folks. I loved this kind of day because it is so rare, but also wish that our region was more equipped for snow with plows and salt trucks so we could move about easier.
BTW my boots have been a godsend, making all of my walks dry with no slippin. The best 19 bucks I ever spent!


  1. isn't that a great way to spend the day? And there's nothing better than a good pair of boots. Glad your family will have these memories of the great 2011 Snowstorm.

  2. A walk in the snow - good exercise and fun to boot. (no pun intended - yea, right!)

  3. Love the snow people in your neighborhood. They are all so diverse! Very cool.

    I am glad you are still enjoying your snow. There is not a trace of snow or ice left here.