Thursday, January 13, 2011

Plaid Birthday Dress

Plaid Birthday Dress, originally uploaded by strawberrykoi.

Some vintage fashion to brighten our winter days! One day I am going to get a cute vintage dress, I really am!!

My 40's DO

40's Curls and Hat

40's Plaid Dress

At the Train Tracks


  1. Those are all really cute! I have had so much trouble ordering dresses lately! I sent 2 back that did not fit and got a third that was SO pretty. It fit - but I just for the life of me could not figure out how to style it - it just looked silly on me. So, I shipped it back yesterday and now I have a store credit to spend :) I am really going to take my time this time. I think I might order a skirt...

  2. These dresses remind me of the Lennon Sisters! ;) (I always liked them!)