Friday, December 3, 2010

"Singin in the Rain" then "Baby it's Cold Outside"

One afternoon me and Stina ran to the Post Office while my grandson Kavi stayed with Pa because it was raining. Kavi wanted to stay on the porch waiting for us to come back and when we did he was looking all adorable holding this umbrella!
This is my oldest daughter Christina who we mostly call Stina! The other day we went to a town nearby with Antique shops and Kavi scored a glass jar full of matchbox cars. Pa made his day when he bought it for the little guy! Stina also got some cute things!
It was windy and really cold that day!

Although he still loves cars, his biggest obsession has passed from cars to choo choos! We were happy to be near this long train when we were at the Antique shops!
A very happy Nanny and Pa!
Me and little boo!
Oh, and in the last few days I have actually managed to make 11 hats plus several flower hair clips for my craft Bazaar this weekend. Today, I must finish the little details, tag the items, figure out my setup, get singles and fives. I have already deactivated most of my etsy account in preparation.
Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. well i'm impressed, i don't know how i would have that much fun with family AND get all that work done for a craft show! good luck, it sounds like you are wonderfully prepared!

  2. adorable photos! how in the world have you had so much fun and done work at the same time? good luck at the craft fair!