Monday, November 29, 2010

Family Fun And Bazaar Prep

our friend Rachel, my grandson Kavi and my daughter Jenny

my husband with our grandson
my daughter jenny with Kavi
the happy family, Kavi, Suj and Stina

This past weekend has been so much fun with our wonderful family here. My grandson has grown so much in the 5 weeks since we had seen him and his communication skills have really matured making him even more sweet and entertaining than before.
The "Christmas At the Falls" at the park near our home was the most fun for all of us and especially for Kavi who is almost three. A train ride (he is obsessed with choo choos), petting zoo where he bravely fed the deer, goats and sheep but warily eyed the sleeping roosters on the fence, cookie decorating, walking around past beautiful light displays made it an excellent time, spending almost three hours there even though it was in the 40s!
Now today, my son in law returned to Florida for work, but Stina and Kavi are staying two weeks, with me returning with them till Christmas when my husband and everyone else will be joining us! Oh happy happy times!
Now the Bottle Tree Craft Bazaar is only a few days away and realized that I had only made 6 hats so far and that was my biggest seller last year, so I must focus on making as many as I can before this weekend. This year the Bazaar has expanded with free shuttle service for shoppers since there are several locations for vendors. I am looking forward to it and am so happy to be sharing this experience with Christina because I know she will love it!
I will try to keep in touch but these next few days will be busy for me. I will definitely let you know how the craft fair goes and will undoubtedly take lots of pictures!


  1. So glad you are enjoying your family and hope you do well at Bottletree. Gonna miss you at Christmas, but hopefully I will get to see you when you are visiting.

  2. it's so nice that you get to spend so much time with Stina and Kavi!! what a treat!

    glad you all had a nice time at the Falls... sounds like many memories were made!!

  3. Let the good times roll! Savor every minute of this joyful time with your family.

  4. that is great that you guys are getting to spend so much time together this holiday season, it sounds like you are having a lot of fun! :)

  5. So glad you guys are having a great time! Everyone looks so happy!! NOW, GET TO WORK!!

  6. Take lots of pics ay the bizaar for us!

    Your lil' grandson is a doll!!! Family just means everything!