Friday, October 29, 2010

Go forth into the open woods...

This morning the temperature was nice and brisk in the upper 40s, so I headed out to Noccallula Falls for a morning walk. Unfortunately, I didn't know it didn't open until 10 AM today, so I parked by the wedding chapel which is in the free part of the park. I then walked the perimeter of the park, or on the outside looking in,until the gates opened.
I still had to sit on a bench and wait about 10 minutes since the less than cheery attendant sternly told me that NO ONE gets in until 10. While waiting I heard the donkey hee hawing and the Lioness roaring (a little scary if you ask me). And then two school buses with elementary school students pulled up which also sent chills down my spine. It was okay though, because by the time they all had their potty time I was half way done!
So, tomorrow is the last day of the season to go into the park, until Thanksgiving night when the Christmas Lights extravaganza starts! I will miss this little slice of paradise for my morning walks until next spring and have to hoof it on plain old streets and neighborhoods. It sure was fun while it lasted!
(all pictures were taken this morning)


  1. The photos are gorgeous!!! I hate that you will have to miss out on your slice of paradise until Spring.

  2. I know you will miss your peaceful walks in the woods. If they haven't made a Wii game for that, they should.

  3. What a great place to walk. I know you will miss your quiet time there. I would.

  4. such gorgeous fall colors, great photos!

  5. What a dreamy place to walk-WOW! I bet the Christmas extravaganza is gorgeous!