Friday, September 24, 2010

granny chic - wonderful inspiration!

I need to get knitting and crocheting now that fall is upon us, but I soooo procrastinate when it is still in the 90s outside! This Sunday, cooler weather will finally be upon us in Alabama and I am hoping that warp speed inspiration will come upon me so I can load up my etsy shop with crocheted and knit goodies and so that I can have some good inventory for my craft show in December!
I love the granny chic look and well, just the phrase "granny chic"! Makes me feel a little less ancient when "chic" and "Granny" are put together!

love the colors in this room....

trivet collection

and the simplicity in this one...

"New" Old Cabinet

and the coziness of this one!


  1. Hope the cooler weather inspires you. I love Granny square afghans.

  2. The hi here today is supposed to only be 83 and tomorrow 70! Wow! What a change. And one for the better I might add. The photo of the single chair beside the table is amazing!

  3. Love Granny Chic!!

    ...and that bunting is so great!! I bet those would sell like hotcakes!

  4. Every time I visit your blog... or Nancy's... or Stina's... I feel like I should know how to MAKE something. All I know how to MAKE is big hips and spontaneous laughter. I wish I could MAKE something of worth like you guys!

  5. We had 96 degrees on Friday, a little better yesterday. Weird! By now I should have made a pot or two of chili and a big pot of pumpkin soup...doesn't even sound appealing yet! Hang, on, though, the cool weather WILL come.