Saturday, September 25, 2010

Folly and Glee amazing lampshades

50seedheadatomic1, originally uploaded by FollyandGlee.

Love the creativity and the colors of these fabrics. A great way to revive an old lamp, and even though I don't sew, I can envision decoupaging with fabric or patterned papers.


perfectly mod

a great use of vintage fabric scraps

a little more granny chic style

love the touch of blues


love the contrasting fabrics together

These types of pictures really do ignite creative ideas in my brain. All of my lamps and shades are pretty boring and this seems like an easy way to make them more one of a kind. So many ideas... so little time...

Check out the Folly and Glee Blog or visit her flikr photostream for more inspiration!


  1. Love your new fall blog look! These lampshades remind me of my days as a SAHM when pennies were so precious I dreamed up ways to turn my trash to treasure. I've done a few lampshades in my day, and was always so happy with the big change you get from a little work, so ingenuity, and some leftover materials!

  2. Those are cute! I don't sew either - but right now I have an old shade covered in a vintage pillow case (and it fit perfectly over it. My plan is to cut the end out and hot glue it on my shade. I have been working on this for about a month though so I don't see me getting around to it any time soon. I was going to use it in my living room but I have way too many patterns going on in there right now... so I might do it as "upcycled" in my vintage shop.