Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Bountiful Birthday(s)

me and my friend Jane , we share the same birth date!

and this gorgeous fall bouquet!
This past Sunday was my birthday,my friend Jane's bday and our friend's little girl, Sophia's bday! We celebrated at Sophia's party at an outdoor water blow up place. It was 100 degrees that day and I spent most of my time inside at the "parents lounge" I thought I would die when I was outside.
After that, me and my husband, daughter Jenny, Jane and her daughter Rachel went to Birmingham for our free birthday meals at Max's Delicatessen. We all loved our matzoh ball soup, and sandwiches.
Well, today is my husband's birthday and we celebrated with a Philly themed night with Philly Cheese Steaks and I baked him his favorite made from scratch cake. His Nana on his Dad's side always made him a 1234 cake with cherry glaze when his birthday rolled around. His Dad often made this cake and so did his sister Margie and he always loved it.
His Nana passe away in the 80's, and his dad in 1998 and also sadly his sister just a few years ago.
Well, I found a recipe online and prayed that it would turn out good for him and thank the Lord it did. You see, I am not much of a baker, having tried this cake before but either burning it or having a raw middle. And, my current oven heats rather unevenly, so I went to Walmart to acquire a bundt pan and it worked wonders! There was, after all, no middle that could be raw!
And...he said it tasted just like his family would make, and even if it didn't, I know he loves any kind of cake, if it is made from scratch!
It was a great few days between having Jane and our friends Chriss and Nancy visiting from Florida, going to the ballet and celebrating with family. Kavi, (our sweet 2 1/2 year old grandson)said happy birthday to each of us on the phone and it would have been just supernaturally awesome if he and his mommy and daddy were here too!


  1. Happy Birthday to all, and many more! That cake looks yummy!

  2. Way to go on the cake! Baking from scratch has always been hard for me. I am more of a Semi-Homemade type girl.

    Your Birthday sounds like it was a great day filled with family, friends, and food.

  3. That cake is gorgeous! Happy Birthday to you and your friend. How special!

  4. Very many happy returns to all xx

  5. What a wonderful way to celebrate! Happy Birthday.

  6. Belated Birthday wishes to you and your dear freind.

    And of course, many many more to come!