Saturday, September 18, 2010

a night at the ballet

My good friend Jane is visiting us from Florida this weekend and we had a wild and crazy girls night the ballet!! You see tomorrow, is her birthday and my birthday as well, and she and her daughter Rachel and me and Jenny (really wish Stina was here too) decided earlier today to see Ballet Magnifat perform the Hiding Place at our local community college auditorium. Boy was I glad we did. I knew enough to pack tissues in my purse, since I have read the book and seen the old movie and can't help but sob through some parts.
I was so impressed by the talent of the dancers, the costuming and how the makeup even transformed these young women into their characters. The true story takes place during WWII when Corrie Ten Boom and her sister were sent to a women's concentration camp for hiding Jewish people from the Nazi's in their home.
I felt as if I were transported in to that era and felt the strong emotions of pain, suffering, fear and hope and forgiveness.
If it comes to your area, you should really consider seeing it.
On a more shallow note, the dresses and outfits from the 40s were so darn cute, it made me want to dress like that and be the size that could dress like that.

click here to go to the Ballet Magnificat website


  1. Happy Birthday!!!

    I bet you did have a great time!! I love theater and ballet and just don't see enough of it! I think that was a great way to spend your birthday!

  2. What a wonderful evening - I love the ballet, but am not familiar with this one - glad you enjoyed yourself

  3. First, Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had a great night out. I'm going to check the link to see if it's coming anywhere near Philadelphia!

  4. Wow, I can't imagine being able to jump like that! I love ballet and took it for many years. Loooonnnnnnnnngggg ago! Happy Birthday to you!