Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Great Summer Supper

Last night, my daughter Jenny, made a delicious and light sandwich that was perfect for summer. It was:
*roasted garlic hummus
* chopped green olives
* carrot shreds
*cucumber slices
*whole wheat bilillo roll (from walmart)
Delicious accompanied by a Greek salad, made with:
*romaine lettuce,

*red onion

on top of a mound of
*potato salad

with the finishing touches of
* crumbled feta cheese
*pitted calamata olives a
*few shakes of oregano
* red wine vinegar salad dressing or any Italian or Greek type dressing
Healthy, light and delicious, especially during the summer!


  1. Sounds perfect on a hot summer evening.

  2. The salad looks yummy. It inspired me to make my version of Panera's Tomato and Mozzerella Salad for lunch.

  3. ooooo come to my house and make me dinner please! :D