Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Farmers Market and New Do

new short haircut to help me get through summer heat!

this week's bounty from Rainbow City

last weeks goodies from Attalla's Farmers Market
A few days ago, I got most of my hair chopped off so I could manage it better during the hot days of summer! Rachel, who has cut my hair for like 7 years always gives me exactly what I want and I am soooo thankful for her!
Last week I started checking out the local farmers markets and found some fresh, delicious locally grown produce!
I highly recommend checking out your area for these markets. These are not the fancy, seen on TV kind, but the basic local farmer kind with fresh choices and reasonable prices!
(the yellow long veggies are yellow zucchini, and there are purple bell peppers which I am excited to try!)


  1. I love the new do! I wish I could get away with having my hair cropped for the summer, but the curls just become unmanagable when my hair is shorter - it's much easier to tie it all back LOL

  2. a) I love your new banner!!

    b) and I love your cute new haircut!!

    I have to admit, I'm jealous. Some days I wish I had short hair again, but every time I cut it off, I miss the length, and spend forever growing it out.

    You're adorable.

  3. Ohhhhh, I really need a haircut! One look at a cute fresh cut makes me want to zip over to the salon to get it chopped off!

    I enjoy trying new vegetables and unfamiliar varieties of old favorites. Let us know how the purple bell peppers go over!

  4. Today I saw my first purple pepper on another blog. Now here's some more on yours.

    I wish I had enough hair to have such a cute hair cut!

  5. I LOVE it!!!! SO cute?? Isn't short hair the only way to go in the summer? I am loving mine!

  6. Your hair cut is adorable! Those veggies sound great too...purple peppers! My husband and I were just talking about getting to the farmers' market so this is a timely reminder :)

  7. Wonderful. I especially like the second photograph. I would love it hanging in my kitchen. And I am envious of the purple peppers, I don't think I have ever seen them here. Will keep my beady eyes out now.

    PS Cute hair do. Makes sense in the heat.

  8. The purple peppers were so good guys!!! This is jenny, darlene's daughter :)