Monday, June 14, 2010

60 days of summer

Martha Stewart's website has this awesome 60 summer crafts feature that was so much fun to browse through. I love the handmade drink umbrellas idea and think that they would be great to liven up cupcakes as well! The pictures above are all from that site and there are many more fun ideas to get us through the dog days of summer!
btw, I have moved my exercise to the great INDOORS until this brutal phase of weather is over!


  1. Don't blame you for moving indoors. The weather there seems to be running the same as here. Its way too hot to be outside unless you are in the water.

  2. I love Martha, but she definitely sets a standard I can't live up to! I'd just go buy the little umbrellas at the party store; or, I'd make them and then not want anyone to use them! My daughter and I went to a taping of Martha's new show after she was released from her "unfortuante incarceration." It was so much fun!

  3. ooo i love the drink umbrellas too. i was just looking today for ways to decorate cupcakes for our reception and i might just have to borrow this!!