Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Not Your Granny's Granny Squares

Lately I have been inspired by some artful bloggers like
Dottie Angel who have been crocheting granny squares and granny circles to make accents for the home. I had to relearn this technique since it has been over 30 years since I had crocheted that particular motif. I recently blogged about garlands for my windows and such to replace my Christmas decorations, so I made three of them doing the granny circle, but it is a good thing they are high up on my windows, cause I am afraid I didn't increase the final row of yarn properly resulting in some puckering.(which seems to be a common dilemma when doing circles)
Even though I need to be refilling my etsy shop with some winter accessories (as the winter window is soon to close), I am instead practicing the granny stuff and thinking about making some coverings for chair seats and such!
These photos (some are way over the top but still very fun!)are amazing examples of the granny square and circle adding a colorful and artful touch to a room! I often eyed a large granny afghan sold at Anthropologie for a lot of money, thinking, "it might take a long time, but I could probably make something like this myself..."
Hopefully I will get back to filling my etsy shop now...


  1. Holy cow, that granny square house is CRAZY! Haha

    Courtney (NonpareilSoleil)

  2. wow! that sure makes that house colorful!

  3. Wow! That is very neat!! I bet that is a warm house! Seriously though I kind of like how the lampshades look :)

  4. I have a granny square afghan that my grandmother made. It is quite moth eaten after years of being stashed away in my mother's things. I am seriously thinking of trying my hand at restoring it. It would be quite difficult to match the threads and take it all apart and put back together again but I also think how rewarding it would be to have it done! Good luck on your granny square decorating...don't get too carried away!