Friday, January 8, 2010

Going Dutch

A few months ago I splurged by buying something I have wanted for years but was too cheap to get! I have always wanted one of those two ton heavy dutch ovens that I have seen all the Food Network stars use. Something about them seemed so magical, like anything cooked in one of those babies would come out delicious!
When I had a $20 off coupon for a department store in the mall, I decided to explore the possibility of snagging a dutch oven for my very own. I wandered up and down the cookware aisle,still not sure I could do it, because even with 20 bucks off it was still a lot of money to me ($70.00 before the coupon)but I had 100.00 to spend since my 28 year old stainless steel steel pots were losing their handles and such, so I was looking for a whole set on sale or whatever was a good deal. They had a stainless steel set on sale for $50 and with my coupon for the dutch oven, my grand total was $100! I know to many people that was not a big amount to spend, but my original pots were a gift and even though I still cook almost everyday for a household of four I had rapid heartbeat as I paid for my treasures.
And...let me tell ya, the dutch oven really IS magic! Every meat, soup or stew I cook in that thing comes out moist, tasty and cooks a little faster than it would have in a regular pot. You can brown things on the stove AND put it in your oven! I wondered why I waited so long to do this!

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  1. Good for you!! I am just like you and it is so hard for me to buy things I want/need. It normally takes me several months to completely talk myself into buying something I want. Right now, I am looking at a light fixture on Etsy. I will probably talk myself into it around July :)

    Good for you though! Recently, I blogged about having a recipe where a Dutch Oven was required. I wasn't sure what I Dutch Oven was so I looked it up- it is hilarious! You should look up the meaning...

  2. Ha ha ha, Angela, I just looked it up! " A fart chamber formed by farting under a blanket"!You are right , that is hilarious!

  3. I was also wondering about the name Dutch Oven... I'm Dutch but our ovens look nothing like that cool new pot you've got, they just look like regular ovens. But it seems I need to get one of those pots for myself one day if they are so magical!