Tuesday, December 22, 2009

It's Almost Here!!!

Well, today is only 3 days till Christmas, AND only ONE MORE DAY until my daughter Christina and her husband Suj AND sweet little grandson Kavi will be here!!!
Last night we "Buddy the Elfed" the house with Christmas things from last year that were in the attic! Christmas stockings, garland , snowflakes and a small tree that we bought last year at Hobby Lobby for 2.00 in their after Christmas sale! Our main tree was only 15.00 , originally 180.00 and it is the finest fake tree we ever had! I also made a rustic little tree using branches for 99 cents from hobby lobby , a 59 cent wooden dowel and 2.50 Styrofoam block. I already had the moss and the basket it was in, and last night picked up some 99 cent decorations for it! I LOVE Hobby Lobby!
We are excited to have Kavi here and we wanted him to have the bestest eye candy we could give him!
So, today I have to finish shopping for holiday food, cook some homemade sauce, (we do Italian for Christmas) homemade meatballs, lasagna, veggie lasagna, greek spinach pie and greek salad for Christmas Eve, cookies, and clean my bathroom and bedroom! I just have a few last minute things to wrap and a few to buy and hopefully will be all done by the time everyone arrives here on Wednesday evening!
Have a joyful cozy Christmas this year!!!

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