Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sweet Christmas even without Noccalula :)

daughter Christina and husband Suj!
me and Stina

Nana, daughter Jenny and Rachel

me and Kavi!!

Stina,Me,Jenny,and Rachel

Grampy (Ray) and Kavi

Well, tomorrow, my sweet family from Florida (Stina, Suj and Kavi)leave to go back home with a hitch-hiker in the!!!! Because our friends across the street are also going to visit family in Florida, I can get a ride back home with them to Alabama in a week! I am very happy about that, but sad that Ray can't join me:(
Christmas was lovely, but little Kavi was sick with a little fever and cold and didn't sleep too well or feel very good :( So... we had to forgo our plans to attend Noccalula Falls Christmas on the Mountain which is a nigh time train ride through the park which is decorated with thousands of pretty lights!
We still managed to eat at a few favorite spots with them which includes Asahi Sushi house in Rainbow City and my favorite restaurant of all, Taj Curry House in Birmingham. Kavi was however pretty pooped out after those times so we stayed at home and enjoyed his sweetness!


  1. What a lovely family you have. Your daughter is very like you.
    It looks like you had a great time despite the little one being unwell.
    Enjoy your Florida holidays and a Happy New Year to you all. Jo x

  2. what a dear blog you have! i espec. love your christmas trees below!!!!!!!