Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sit On It! The Search for the Elusive under $35.00 Thrift Store Chair!

OK, is it soooo unrealistic to think that such a thing exists in my world? I mean I constantly stop at thrift stores and neighborhood garage sales looking for little finds or big finds that simply cannot be passed up. You would think that ONE time I would come across a cozy stuffed chair that is in PERFECT condition AND covered in pretty fabric that just HAPPENS to match my house! Oh, and for under $35.00! ( seems to be my cut off price for a used chair!!) But NO.... not once have I had the pleasure! I have had success in the past with nice couches which I have referred to in a previous post, but not easy chairs!
Where are all the children and grandchildren who are cleaning out their loved ones homes and can't be bothered with moving or storing the stuff and just want to get rid of the things at rock bottom prices? Where are the people who had their furniture covered in plastic for 40 years, leaving their chairs in pristine condition? After all, when they move to Florida to retire, don't they want some nice sea foam green and peach furniture to match their new climate? Come on people, get with it! I have unfulfilled dreams yet to come true!
I imagine myself nonchalantly strolling through a Thrift Store, moments after a beautiful plump easy chair has been dropped off. It doesn't stink or even remotely smell like cigarette smoke, or have ANY stains or rips. I walk over to it with my heart racing to check the tag. Will it be one of those "boutique" prices many stores have utilized for apparent antiques ? Or will it be in my magic under $35.00 catergory! What??? Only $29.95? I'm calling Ray to come help me pick it up at once!
Well, fantasy over! I am still in search of my perfect chair that will look just like the expensive Anthropologie chairs in the smaller picture! (But for a fraction of the cost!) Hope you have happy hunts for your treasures!


  1. Dolly, you are hysterical. I miss you so much, can't wait to visit for the 4th and see everybody.

  2. I can't wait to see you tooooooo! I miss you terribly, I know we would go on many hunts together if you lived here! So.... you are the one holding back my success! You better get here!

  3. Anthropologie - the dream store with the nightmare prices!!! At least you can good ideas there!! I have several old chairs that were under $35- but they all need re-upholstering. I have yet to find the "in perfect condition " one yet either!!! We can always dream.............

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