Monday, June 22, 2009

A little ELF told me....

Several years ago I learned about an online cosmetic company that sold all of it's products for a dollar each and thought it was probably too good to be true. I tried a few of their things and they were nothing to write home about, but I kept receiving e-mail updates and offers from them through the last few years.
About a month ago I saw that they had expanded their line to include some well priced "studio" items for a more professional look and thought I would give them another try. I ordered a translucent face powder, eyeliner pen, and two lipsticks which only came to around $13.00 because of a discounted shipping offer!
Well, after I got them in the mail, I tried them and absolutely loved what I ordered! The eyeliner has stayed on all day even in 98 degree weather! The translucent powder gives a great finish over my foundation and the lipsticks have nice color and texture!

So... give them a try at!


  1. The new studio ELF stuff is great! I heard they got bought by Nordstrom so that may be why the quality had shot up!

  2. that's amazing! i'm going to go check the site out now.