Thursday, June 18, 2009

Some Pretty Ideas

I am absolutely addicted to decorating magazines like 100 Decorating Ideas under $100, Creative Home, Do it It Yourself, 100 Ideas Flea Market Style and Country Living. I have an ever growing pile of them on the side of my couch, originally in a basket, but now also stacked on the floor next to the basket! I have torn pages out of magazines for years for inspiration and have even made a "Look Book" with all the pictures that I love.
Today, I was searching online and found these images which give me a warm and fuzzy feeling! I hope you enjoy them as well!


  1. Holy Moly. I have been hoarding them for years and totally make look books as well. So great for inspiration!

  2. I love the chair too! I'm going to start putting together some reds and tourquois stuff for my spare bedroom!

  3. I love that cabinet! I could totally get addicted to those magazines too!

  4. OOoooYES, LOVE the chair!! Perfect color!