Friday, June 26, 2009

World's Longest Yard Sale August 6th-9th!

I just figured I'd give everyone a heads up for The World's Longest Yard Sale coming up next month. It starts in my town, Gadsden, Alabama and stretches 654 miles along US HWY 127 to West Unity , Ohio! This will be my third year in attendance, and I have always gotten some good buys along the route. The weather however is usually brutal as August is very steamy in these here parts! Thankfully, vendors are a plenty selling cold sodas and water! This year, the strategy is to drive a little over an hour by highway to Chattanooga, Tennessee and inch our way back. I noticed at the Antique Alley event a few months ago, that there was especially good deals and selection the closer we got to Tennessee! Hopefully the weather will be a little overcast but not rainy. Last year it was rainy, so a lot of vendors were closing up early, but we still managed to bring home some fun finds! Make sure you dress light, drink lots of water, and have room in your vehicle to carry home that under $35.00 easy chair you've been dreaming about!


  1. I hope you find your ever elusive chair! I would love to go to that yard sale!