Thursday, February 9, 2012

anybody? anybody???

  • does anyone else get grossed out by the Tums commercial when the food on someones fork starts hitting them? Or the guy holding the chicken leg that smacks him? Ew
  • has anyone else had crazy swarming black birds in their neighborhood? I remember this happening last year too. Think of the movie "The Birds"! I went on my back deck to video them today and there were so many overhead, I could hear their poop dropping on the leaves in my back yard!
  • does anyone else spend too much time on the computer, on facebook, etsy, pinterest,blog-land? I figured I wasn't alone! It's the reason my laundry room is a mess and dust bunnies grow in my corners!
  • anyone out there having a really weird winter? Like it's springtime already? Well, actually since all January too! But I LOVE winter, crisp air, hot tea at night, wearing layers, the possibility of snow! boo hoo!
  • don't you just love a fireplace? I've never had one, but I always loved smelling other peoples smoke in the air on a chilly night. Now my daughter Christina has a working fireplace in her new home and I danced a little when it was lit for the first time. My daughter Jenny has this talent for starting and maintaining fires even though she has never had a fireplace. One time as a teen, she sat at a drum set and started to play, although she had never done so before. Superpowers!
  • do you always search for the perfect jeans that don't roll down from your belly, and are light enough to keep you cool and heavy enough to keep you warm, and make you look ten pounds thinner? Any luck? None for me so far. Sadly my favorite fitting things are jeggings from Walmart that only cost 5.88. Full price.
  • do you procrastinate your home projects like painting all your trims and ceilings? Or is that just me? I wish we would have done it before we moved in, but now we have too much crap to move out of the way!
  • anybody out there eat healthy all day, but then get insanely "hungry" between supper and bedtime? Any solutions???
  • did you know that beavers are adorable and if they could speak they would sound british? Oh yes I think they would! I just watched a National Geographic special about them and learned how smart AND busy they really are!

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  1. Had to laugh at your home projects remark....that is so me. Did a kitchen redo 6 yrs. ago and still have an unfinished back splash. An afghan all finished but 12" of fringe because I ran out of yard...15 yrs. ago. It's become my trademark. And I HATE the Tums commercial.