Sunday, September 18, 2011

a two chipmunk and wild turkey day

This morning I went to Noccallula Falls Park near my home for a morning walk. I have often mentioned in my blog how much I love it. There is something so rejuvenating about walking there. Today the wind was a little chilly when I started out, but I didn't put my sweater on because I wanted to feel the nip in the air. It made my steps a little quicker and soon enough I warmed up. The trail goes up and down little hills through the woods and meanders around pioneer buildings, farmyard, through a covered bridge and a small zoo area, in addition to the waterfalls.
This morning, I showed my family pass, got my hot pink paper bracelet, used the little ladies room, then started on the path through the park. Right at the entrance, I was greeted by four old friends. Wild turkeys that I had seen throughout the park last Fall! This made me feel so happy and in a weird way, honored! I mean how many people do I actually know who get to see wild turkeys in the morning?? Not many! hehe
I have always loved seeing chipmunks, maybe because they were so common to see when I was little, at my Grandpa's farm in a small town in Pennsylvania, and I have many happy memories from that place. I rarely see them around here even though my husband has seen some when he leaves for work early in the morning. Well, I was startled today when on two different occasions a cute little chipmunk crossed my path. I felt an instant rush of emotions and stopped in my path to observe the little creatures rustling about some leaves on the forest floor. I actually whispered "thank you" out loud because I was so grateful to the Lord for seeing them and to be enjoying such a wonderful morning.
As I walk through each and every area, I find that my problems become small and the simple yet powerful love of God becomes great. As I breathe in the fresh air, smelling the smells of nature including manure-ish odors past the deer habitat and farmyard, I think about how us human beings can complicate life so perfectly. I want to keep it simple and learn to appreciate the little things in life while casting everything that weighs me down on the shoulders of the One who created this world that we live in.
I highly recommend that you find somewhere that you can go to to be refreshed, somewhere away from your hectic schedule where you can feel the breeze or watch the light cast shadows on the leaves making them look like they are dancing. Watch the birds, watch a crazy squirrel. I'm not talking about a wilderness vacation, mind you. I am talking about sitting on your porch or deck or walking in a local park or even just gazing out a window. It is the littlest things and the simplest things in life that can touch you the most and give you clarity.

Psa 96:12 Let the field be joyful, and all that is in it; then the trees of the forest shall rejoice


  1. It is such a pretty place and I am so glad God sent a chipmunk across your path for you ;) The world is amazing when you step away from all of the man-made stuff and enjoy the beauty!

  2. Great blog post Doll, and so true too...Chip monks are cool!!!! So happy for your walks...happy for your observations, happy for you joy, happy for your happiness...happy your my wife!