Sunday, July 31, 2011

please pass the mustard...

I love this color sweater for Fall ( it's coming guys, it really is!) I have an old one that I will never part with unless I find a replacement.

Oh...mustard and teal sooo pretty...

As well as mustard and aqua...

Source: via Darlene on Pinterest

hey, I own this! Got it from Christina for mother's day!Love it!


  1. I love mustard too!! I wish I liked to paint because I would love to change my house up every time I fall for a new color - BUT I hate painting so I will stay with green for a bit longer :) So excited about this week!!!

  2. My mother loved the colour mustard when I was a child and would wear it often, I never did like it then, but now I have a greater appreciation for this colour - can't wait for the autumn to arrive as we've barely had summer here.