Saturday, May 14, 2011

Today's adventures

Today, Ray and I explored further up Antique Alley after all. We drove about 60 miles north along highway 11, only finding a little birdcage planter and a retro looking vase. When we were back in our neck of the woods we visited Attalla, a nearby town with several antique shops where we found the best deal of the day. The metal cabinet painted white which was just marked down this morning. I am always trying to think of ways to de- clutter our kitchen and this cabinet fit the bill!
The drive is really pretty and refreshing though, so we don't really mind going out of our way, but it has been a trend for the last three years that the best finds have been in our own backyard.
I managed to clean my fridge today also, which is an adventure in itself for me. I hate cleaning the fridge and I must have groaned with disgust about 20 times during the ordeal. But it does feel mighty good when it is done. I am sure many of you are thinking "What's the big deal it's only a fridge?" Well, I usually tackle it when I am fed up with not being able to fit anything in it anymore yet still can't find anything to eat in it at the same time! So... a lot of throwing away and mopping up!
Tomorrow, my husband promised to help me tackle the pantry which is a hazard just to walk into. He seems to have good organizational skills as he is always rearranging his work trailer so that he can work more efficiently in it. Wish that would rub off on me!


  1. Reallu cute cabinet. Isn't it fun to find things right in your own neck of the woods? I know what you mean about cleaning the fridge. Luckily my husband does it.

  2. Gosh, I love seeing tables like that all piled high with things to look through! What a great that it in your kitchen? so cute, i love those colors!

    I too HATE cleaning the of my least favorite chores and it always waits, like you said, until i am just fed up with it, haha...maybe that is why i hate it!