Wednesday, May 11, 2011

goings on...or...daily dullness

Don't you think that most of our lives are routine day in and day out kind of times with a few exciting, out of the ordinary occurrences peppered in? Well I do. The secret to true happiness to me, is to have joy and contentment whether we are embarking on a great adventure or cleaning our toilets. Although I must admit the toilet part is a real challenge!
Nothing too exciting going on around here. Our internet keeps going off and on at unexpected times and we have had two modems/WIFI units sent to us with my husband spending hours on the phone with our son in law who is a computer genius and AT&T technical support. "3 2 1, 1 2 3, what the heck is bothering me?" would be a good chant for Ray during these times of frustration.
( from "Family Matters", when Urkel was driving Carl Winslow crazy and he was trying to stay calm) It still is working intermittently so I am striking while the iron is hot!

Also, this week my yearly Drs visit is coming due but I am trying a new Dr that my husband and daughter go to, hoping for a less humiliating time. I have only lost 8 pounds in the last year but I have been walking more consistently so hopefully I won't get yelled at. Last year I blogged about my rude-ish and weird Drs visit and this year I don't want a repeat! ugh!!!

My niece in Florida just had a sweet baby boy named Elijah who was 7 pounds 9 ouces and I am looking forward to meeting him sometime in late June. My daughter Christina was on her way down to see them yesterday when she became nauseous and had to turn back. It seems she has a gross virus and I am sad that I am not nearby to help. If we lived near each other I would pick up my adorable grandson and entertain him while he entertains me so Stina could rest. I would bring her chicken soup and crackers. Sorry I am so far away!

Oh, and I made home made ice cream two days in a row since getting my Ice cream maker, but don't worry, I won't go overboard, just was excited to try it out. Results were totally delicious and I will be looking for some low fat recipes on line. I made vanilla with toasted coconut and almonds, and strawberry the next day!

We have an exterminator come to our house every month to keep unwanted pest guests away and you wouldn't believe the cleaning frenzy that causes! It is humbling and embarrassing to have a stranger come and go in to every corner of your house. I am afraid we are not one of those spotless house keepers from days gone by. The public places are acceptable, but just a little deeper to places like the pantry, back room or closets and...well..oh dear. The frenzy begins. Today when I called to check when he was coming I was thrilled to hear Monday! It felt like a governors pardon from the electric chair!

Counting my blessings along the way!


  1. Your life is anything but dull! Hope Stina gets well soon and that Kavi stays healthy, too. Doctors. Ugh.

  2. Life is full of perfectly dull moments. Thats what makes up most of it. As bloggers I sometimes feel that we have to have "something to blog about" -- I think it is perfectly fine to blog the mundane things sometimes :)

    The ice cream!! YUMMY!! Aub and I went through a homemade ice cream phase about 6 years ago. I think we made it every other day for a month!

  3. Peach! My favorite. My mother once made peppermint, and it was soooooo good! Too many years ago now to remember how, but I remember the taste!