Wednesday, March 16, 2011

re-united and it feels so good...

This is the reason I haven't posted or left any comments for a few days! My sweet three year old grandson Kavi! My husband and I left yesterday to go for a long anticipated visit, being three months since last seeing him. Christina, Suj and Kavi just returned from a trip to India last week and we were so excited about seeing them after two canceled trips to Florida because of the stupid stomach virus.
In three months time, Kavi has gone from saying some phrases to totally talking about and understanding everything! Today we gave Kavi his long overdue birthday presents, had lunch at Paneras (oh how I wish we had one back home), coffee at Starbucks, Michael' s for craft supplies, painted wooden cars, trucks, airplane, dinosaur,hand, birdhouse and dog with Kavi, Chinese food for dinner, watched him skillfully drive his kiddy F150 around the back yard, and smiled and laughed until bed time. A wonderful first day of our four day visit!


  1. Oh YAY! This is absolutely wonderful! Have a truly great time together..make tons of memories!!!!

  2. How marvelous to be together again! Kavi is a doll, and I bet you just want to squeeze the daylights out of him!