Tuesday, March 22, 2011

March So Far...

me and Ray and sweet Kavi taken right before we left Florida to go back home to Alabama

colorful blooms, a picture taken during my walk this morning

Lake Guntersville from a recent visit

The falls at Noccalula Park where I usually walk, are gushing from recent heavy rains

Ray and I just got home from a four day visit in Florida with my daughter, son in law and grandson. It was so wonderful spending time with them and enjoying our grandson. He is such a sweet, loving, smart and happy child, and we enjoyed every minute with him, and it is always so wonderfully refreshing spending time with Stina and Suj. They recently returned home from a trip to India to visit with Suj's family who still lives there.
Kavi (grandson) drives a kiddy F150 truck around his backyard like an old pro and seems to especially enjoy our reaction to his driving. His future (way in the future, he's only three)driving test should be a piece of cake!
Florida was warm but not stifling yet, thankfully and we were able to visit with my mother in law who moved back there from this area in September. (She said she missed the sand and palm trees) I don't think sand and palm trees are that exciting myself! Or the four month long summers. (no offense to any Floridians reading this, I am just wimpy when it comes to heat) We also had dinner with some good friends at a Greek restaurant in the area which was also very nice.
Spring has surely sprung around here with trees blooming and carpenter bees already taking over the back deck, and the temperatures in the low 80s. I am looking forward to next week when it is back in the low 70s which I think is the most perfect warm temperature. I still prefer fall and mild winter temps but spring sure is beautiful :)

Spring is nature's way of saying, "Let's party!" ~Robin Williams


  1. Sounds like a wonderful time...and by the looks of things- beautiful too:)!

  2. I am so glad you finally got to visit with them! It is amazing how quickly children at that age can go from just saying a few words to having a full blown conversation!

    The waterfall is so pretty!

  3. sounds like a you had a great visit at long last! :)