Thursday, March 10, 2011

it popped in my head and I made it!

I had every intention of working on several projects to distract me while my daughter, her husband and son were in India for a few weeks. Wouldn't you know that I couldn't think of a blessed thing to do while they were gone. Even painting my front door was technically before they even left and I thought that would be the catalyst for all other plans.
Well, today the three of them finally arrived safe and sound,back to their homes in Florida and I felt like my brain could relax. Talking on the phone with Christina and my grandson Kavi really made me happy and set my mind at ease today. is when a creative idea popped in my head! I was thinking how I wished I had something new to put over the fireplace in the dining room and also wishing I could make a silhouette of a deer. I already had a poster board covered in orange burlap and also some plain burlap, so looking at a key holder with a deer on it for guidance, I sketched on to the material with a pencil and then cut it out. I traced it on brown paper to make a template for any future projects with different fabrics. I glued the silhouette onto the orange burlap and placed it over the mantle and I am very happy with how it turned out for absolutely free and taking very little time!
I guess I need my family on the same continent with me to truly be relaxed enough to be creative!


  1. looks like it turned out great and what a cool display you have going on the whole mantlepiece to complement it!

  2. Nice job, and very creative. I know how you feel. My daughter studied abroad for a whole semester, and I was on pins and needles until she was back safe and sound. It was hard to focus on anything.

  3. Glad they are back safe and sound!!

    LOVE the deer!! You did a really great job sketching it! I am sure if I tried that it wouldn't look so much like a deer. Now, you must loan your pattern to Christina to make pillows!!