Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I Like Color

Let's face it. I love color. I can never be a neutrals kind of person. Some people think beige is beautiful, I think beige is bland. Unless of course it is the backdrop for rich colorful furniture, fabrics and accessories.
I spent a large part of my life with off white walls, but as soon as we bought our first house, ideas began churning in my head with ideas for the sad colorless walls. My less than stellar upbringing had dreary home surroundings and I would daydream about having a home that glowed warmth and comfort. Where you could just relax with some tea or coffee and feel as though you were in the safest place in the world. I had a copy of 101 Decorating Ideas back in the late 60s which had rooms accented with oranges and pinks, greens and purples, every possible contrasting combination and I remember loving it so much.
I understand how modern and versatile neutral surroundings can be. I even have enjoyed the decorating with white themes in magazines, but to me color evokes emotions, like happiness,peacefulness, coziness. My living room and dining rooms which are connected are a light yellow that looks like it is lit by candles when the lamps are on. I have never been a fan of bright overhead lighting either, preferring to have several lamps in a room casting a more pleasant light on things.
My kitchen is a vintagey turquoise with red accents through out picking up on a popular 1940s and 50s color combo. My bedroom is a aqua color which I find to be so soothing for a bedroom. It was called Morning Frost by Kilz and I have black and white accents which plays so nicely off the color.
I like the pictures of the rooms above for their cozy, quirky (moose one), happy color! Makes you want to curl up with a cup of tea and a good book doesn't it?

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