Wednesday, February 23, 2011

around these here parts...

front door before...
and after!

funky little store no more :(
Khargar India, the area Suj's family lives in

Just thought I would give a little update with whats been happening around here. Many of you follow my daughter Christina (Consider The Coffee) and know that she and her husband and little son are on their annual visit to India. My husband and daughter Jenny and our friend Rachel were supposed to visit them in Florida for Kavi's birthday but had to cancel because everyone in my house except me had come down with a stomach virus. We planned to go a week later, but 105 miles in to the 560 mile journey we had to return home because I came down with it! I cried all the way back home and was so disappointed. There was only one more weekend before they left for India, but we very sadly decided not to go to Florida since this virus seemed to hang on and could be contagious for up to two weeks. We didn't want to take any chances of getting the family sick before their 24 hour journey to India especially with a 10 1/2 hour time change. So now we haven't seen them since a few days after Christmas, which is an extremely long time for us.
Well this morning Christina, Suj and Kavi safely arrived in Mumbai and made a quick call from Suj's father's cell phone to let me know that the long flight went really well, Kavi having slept for 7 hours. He really enjoyed the flight and seems to understand that he was making a really far and exciting trip!
Now I have to distract myself from missing them so much. It feels worse when I know that they are on the other side of the world and it is not so easy to pick up the phone and chat.
We painted our front door the other day,from a dark burgundy color to "rare sienna" by valspar. It looks more like a terra cotta , almost coral. I thought it would be a browner color, but this color is very cheerful and leads in to our dining room that has a coral rug and many accents in that color family.
And ...remember my post about selling my things in a store in our downtown? Well, sadly, this morning I received a call from the owner saying that she had decided to close down. Apparently people in this town are not accustomed to the funky decor and accessories that were sold there. It is really sad to me because our downtown has many vacant storefronts and seems ripe for becoming a shopping destination. That Funky Little Store had many creative and artsy finds in a wonderful setup but I guess the people in town didn't get the memo about stepping out and trying something new. Bummer!
Hope all is well with all you wonderful bloggers out there! You have no idea how much you all mean to me!


  1. When one door closes another opens :)

  2. Your door looks great in the new colour. Shame about the shop closing down.

  3. First of all, LOVE the new door!!

    I know you are going to miss Christina! I wish you guys had gotten to see each other before her long trip. I think you made the right decision in turning back though. It was very strong of you to decide to turn around to not risk them getting sick.

    Sorry about "That Funky Little Store" - it really looked like my kind of place! It reminded me so much of this little shop I loved in my college town. It was called "Carlotta's" because there was a car lot in the parking lot :) It didn't last very long either...I think Southern people in general have a hard time "getting their funk on" -- LOL!!

    I will be around to keep you company while Christina is gone :) I will be in Alabama this weekend - just wish it was closer to Gadsden.

  4. Sorry you've been sick. I know that was so disappointing but think how great it will be to see them when they return. In the meantime keep yourself busy with great projects like that gorgeous door. Time will pass quickly!

  5. That virus is such a yucky bug-sorry it got you, too. Boo on that!

    I am so sad to hear about that little shop closing. I fell in love with it just from the pics you posted. I wish our downtowns could support small business like that one. It's heartbreaking for all.

  6. the door looks great!

    so good to hear they landed safely and that kavi slept so much...hopefully this good start to their trip will help to ease the anxiety! and i hope you all get to have a big visit together once they get back home, that's just rough having so many planned visits fall through.

    sad to hear about that cute little store though. i get all wistful when i see empty store fronts like that and wish more businesses like that could be supported by their communities!

  7. Aw man, I have only been to the Funky Store once, and had planned to return with many of my funky friends in tow! I had a wonderful conversation with Ms. Jennifer, and was telling her how we need about a dozen more stores like hers. I told her how I thought downtown Alabama City seems like the perfect place for an "art district." There is a cool old theater, there used to be the Jittttters coffee shop, and plenty of empty buildings. Just my two cents of wishful thinking I guess.....