Wednesday, January 5, 2011

That Funky Little Store

I love when a new shop opens in our downtown! Especially when it is something that I like, like this unique gift shop with arts and crafts galore! The owner Jennifer was a lovely lady and I wish her all the best in this new venture. She has a very unique way of displaying items, I especially love the vintage bike with lights hanging from the ceiling and a display of vintage suitcase lids hanging over the entrance ( these pictures are from the Facebook page for the shop and there was no pic of the suitcase lids)
Jennifer paints these creative signs with sassy sayings which are displayed throughout the shop and a person could surely find an appropriate quip for a friend's gift here.
There are many re-purposed things like old ties made in to flower pins ( I had to have one of them) and vintage earrings made in to rings or pins.
The owner was open to me bringing a small display to sell some of my crochet items on consignment so I will be racking my brain for the best set up possible. (always a challenge)
And, finally...some more good news about our Italian Cafe will be opening soon! With Pizza, pasta and GELATO!!! If you have never had that before it is an Italian style ice cream that is a little fluffier and comes in scrumptious flavors like pistachio, displayed in delightfully overflowing containers! We only had one Italian restaurant in this are which closed down a few months ago, so we are happy to have that void filled in our town!
Hopefully more fun places will open in our downtown adding to the ones already here! So much potential here!


  1. YAY!!! Gelato! That Funky Little Store looks really cute. Can't wait to check it out.

  2. Wow!! That looks like a really fun store! I bet your display will be super cute and congrats on getting your foot in the door of such a cute shop!

  3. Oh that looks so fun!! Yippee on being their newest artist :)

  4. What happened to the Funky Little Store? It's empty!!