Monday, January 3, 2011

The OTHER Walking Trail...

the branches we threw on the ice

the desolate path


ice ice baby!
Today, I went for a walk with my daughter and Rachel at a trail that is also only a few miles from my house. It is behind our mall and even though it is quite pretty there too, it is also a LITTLE scary. It is just so desolate, so I never go there by myself, but thought it would be fine if 3 of us girls went together. The first three people we saw were men walking by themselves, NOT wearing exercise clothes, one with his dog and one with a big stick, one older harmless looking guy. There are hardly ever any people in this park even though it is a good location and very pretty. There are just too many woodsy areas to go through with ditches on the side, so you feel isolated and a little creeped out by your self. Growing up in a big city makes you wary of walking alone in desolate places and I don't have a dog so this place is just for group walking! It is sad to be such a chicken, but it is impossible to relax if I am constantly looking back over my shoulder with every crackle in the leaves! We saw a woman ahead of us jogging by herself, but with two intimidating dogs to keep her safe and secure!
The board walk goes over the edge of a lake and even though it has been a high in the 50s lately, the water along the edge was still frozen. You know that you had lived in Florida too long when a fun idea was to through rocks and branches on the ice just to watch them glide along the surface. We wasted a good ten minutes doing that, but it was fun!
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  1. I only walk by myself in my neighborhood. It is never a bad idea to be safe and nobody should think you are a chicken at all!

  2. are no chicken. (If you makes me one too;))
    Lovely walk views!

  3. A pretty trail but you are wise to be cautious. It's sad that we have to be so wary of everything and everyone.

  4. Ummm... yes... we don't want to see your picture on Unsolved Mysteries! Glad you choose to walk there with the girls!