Wednesday, December 8, 2010

being cheap can sometimes be a bummer

these boots are on sale for 49.99 at DSW and I should have gotten a pair like these...
...but I was toooo cheap and got these from Walmart for 27.99
Thrifty. Frugal. Parsimonious. (the last word was a word my father used to love when he was alive because he learned about it in the Reader's Digest in the 70s) No matter what you call it it still means CHEAP!
Since I have lived in Alabama (coming here after 25 years in Florida and most of my life before that in NYC) I have learned how beneficial boots can be. They really do help keep your legs warm, for REAL! This year I have wanted a pair of cognac , brown, or taupe ones. I was looking through Forever21 online and saw a pair on clearance for 13.99. So, without trying on I bought them. They didn't fit, they were too tight and I couldn't return them because that was the policy. So, good bye to approximately 15.00.
When I did the craft bazaar last week, I thought I would at least make enough to get some boots, but Ray said,'' no honey, pick out a pair from me for Christmas and use the money you made for spending money in Florida''. So then I had to be cheap again, so I picked out a pair from Walmart that were the right color and style I wanted. Well, after two days of walking around in them, they are not that comfortable. I will have to try them with my insoles, but I can't help but wonder if I should have waited for a nicer pair on sale at the big city mall or DSW in Birmingham...
"being cheap can be a bummer"


  1. Oh, My! This could have been written and posted by ME! I do this kind of thing all the time...then swear I'll never do it again...then do it and swear....well, I don't realy swear, but I have said "heck" a few times in frustration! hehe...
    Put the past behind you...get a good pair you love and feel comfortable in and wear them 'til the cows come home to get your money's worth! Your worth it...

  2. I can totally relate to this!! I am SO cheap when it comes to myself! But, where Aubrey is concerned, I will drop $50 - $80 on shoes for him in a heartbeat! If there is one place we should spend money, it should be on nice shoes -- but I am like you - too cheap with achy feet.

  3. I'm that way with most things but I do buy comfortable shoes that las a while. I am hard to fit so when I find shoes that feel good, I buy several pairs. If my feet hurt I'm good for nuthin!

  4. I'm cheap, too! My husband requests that I say "frugal" as it sounds better.

    But cheap is cheap. And sometimes we pay for it! But I agree with you on shoes - it's best to get good ones as achy feet are no fun :(

  5. I hate that. I have two pairs of really lovely boots that I got on clearance though so, cheap is not always bad.