Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Garland and Stuff...

Yesterday I went back to the Falls when my girls decided they wanted to enjoy the perfect weather too. Even though I had happily completed two rounds of the park in the morning , I decided to join them for at least one more round. I also had an ulterior motive because I packed my recently completed crochet projects and hoped they would be game for a photo shoot for my etsy shop.
And they were, so here are my newly listed items. I have been enjoying making the granny chic pennant garlands and think I shall be making some for myself too. I am from the school of "a home can never be too festive!"


  1. How nice to have time with your girls. Love your new items, especially the lush purple scarf.

  2. I am just so proud of you for all of your walking. I am going crazy eating chocolate like nobody's biz - maybe I will get my exercise motivation back soon...

    Now on to the new stuff - SO cute!!!! EEEEkkkk!

  3. Oh these are all amazing!
    What a neat idea for the garland!!!!!!
    Very sweet:)