Tuesday, October 19, 2010

this and that

a fun gas station stop on the way home from Florida

my grandson Kavi doing break dancing

my daughter at the craft fair
selling pillows and jewelry

my friend Nancy's jewelry display
As many of you know, I just had a visit with my daughter Stina , son in law Suj and sweet grandson Kavi. We try to see each other once every 4 or 5 weeks and thankfully my husband is self employed and can finagle a couple days off a month. You see, we never knew it would be so long before they could join us in Alabama, but sinkhole problems and the drop in the housing market in Florida have delayed any plans for them to relocate. And it is so hard for us to be a 9 hour drive apart. Kavi was only one month old when we moved and we wanted to make sure to have a good ole bonding with the little guy so back and forth we go. As you might already suspect, our plan worked and he adores Nanny and Pa and his aunties Jenny and Rachel. We all miss Stina ans Suj so much too. They are such joys in our lives along with Kavi of course, and life feels so ideal when we are all together. I talk to Stina almost every day on the phone and we always put Kavi on speaker phone so he can tell us about poopy in the potty, choo choos, cars and Mickey Mouse.
This past weekend Stina sold her wares at a craft fair and her display and her products were just beautiful. Let's just say it was a good trial run, because the crowds were sparse and the age group in this mainly retirement sub division just didn't part with their money too easily. Still, it was a very fun day hanging with Stina and my friend Nancy who was set up next to us. I don't know if you can tell by the picture of Nancy's jewelry, but her displays were tomato cages! Very clever if you ask me!
When we sadly left on Sunday morning, Ray decided to take all back roads back to Bama! We have done that before and it takes just just a little longer than the interstate but without the semis, RVs or the traffic in Atlanta. I personally love going that way, especially now that trees were beginning to change. One of our gas stops was this touristy place in Georgia that sold tons of jams and relishes, cookbooks and corny souvenirs along with having spotless everything automated bathrooms!
Now we are back home and I will be crocheting more things for my upcoming craft bazaar in December and working on a few custom orders.
And, yesterday, Ray and I bought some new flooring for our kitchen which I am really excited about and hopefully you will be seeing some before and afters soon!


  1. That gas station place looks cute!

  2. Glad you had a wonderful visit with the family. Those times together are so important. I love back roads, even getting lost on back roads.

  3. Hopefully, they can get their house sold soon and move to Alabama with y'all. I know you miss her and I am glad you do get to see each other as often as you do. My mom and I were best friends just like yall are!

  4. Glad you all had a nice visit! It's definitely important to bond with the babies! My family is only an hour away and I'm worried about that with my new one coming! I'm sure we'll work it out!

    I saw Stina's pictures of her table... but I didn't realize the craft fair was actually outside. I thought she had just set up a trial run of how to display everything! I must've been off in laa-laa-land! Glad the weather was nice and the displays looked great!

    (ps-don't you just love CLEAN public restrooms!?)

  5. Sounds like a wonderful trip. Your daughter is a talented girl!

    So nice you were able to spend time with your grandson; he's adorable!