Thursday, October 21, 2010

Kitchen Before and After

after it is a beautiful reddish tone tile, I love it!
this is a cabinet I bought at the craft fair in Florida
of course to stash some yarn in!
When we first bought this house and did some work on floors, I really wanted a vintage looking tile floor in a triangle pattern for my kitchen. My husband worked so hard installing that for me and at first I just loved it. However, it wasn't too long before I realized that it was near impossible to keep clean. I couldn't see getting a professional waxing and buffing, so it always looked dirty even after scrubbing it several times in a row.
Until yesterday, that is when my awesome husband made me so happy by installing this wonderful new floor. It is a warm wood look tile that Ray spent the afternoon on and the results made me want to jump for joy! If you have ever lived with a yucky floor, you know how frustrating it can be, and if you ever got a new floor that you love, you know how exhilarating THAT can be! I have the best husband in the whole wide world!
Also,the bottom two pictures are of a hand crafted pine jam cabinet that I bought at the craft fair in Florida last week. A nice gentleman had several of these for sale and Christina bought one as well! Of course I used it for my ever swelling yarn supply, which is exactly what I had in mind for it!
Hope your Fall is cooler than mine (80s during the day still, yikes!)!


  1. Ray did a great job on the floor. The color really makes your walls and cabinets pop. Not to mention the cute yellow table and chairs. And I do love that cabinet. I could fit a lot of beads in there....

  2. Still hot here too :( Haven't we suffered enough?

    I love the new floor and I HAVE lived with yucky floors so I get it! In fact I am living with several halfway done projects so when one is complete it just makes me the happiest person alive! One day we will finish.

    The cabinet is just perfect for your yarn stash!!

    ...and you would have loved my road trip today. I felt like I had a good little adventure after I got home - of course I needed more stuff like I need a hole in my head.

  3. Ever notice that if you're kitchen doesn't look as clean as you'd like, a quick cleaning of the floor changes the look of the entire kitchen? Love your new look, and your husband's a keeper! Most husbands will do...the really special ones will re-do when we've made a bad choice! LT has been known to re-do because I can never make up my mind.

  4. That floor is gorgeous, darling! It makes the kitchen look so warm, cozy & inviting! I am also admiring that cake stand on your sweet little table-

    I love peeping into peoples homes, (that so doesn't sound right-HA) but it's always so much better when I'm invited in-wink!

    Yeah, to Ray, what a good hubby:)

  5. i love the way your floor looks in both pics!

    the cabinet is great! i hope your yarn doesn't roll out! my cat would be in that in a second! haha

  6. This is for you - my friend the deer lover :)