Thursday, September 2, 2010

September Morn...

Today is a wonderful day my friends, just wonderful! After 3 months of a sweltering summer, I ventured into the great outdoors for an OUTSIDE morning walk!! You heard me, OUTSIDE!!!! Even though the forecast for today is a high of 96 degrees, the morning temperature when I left my house was 67 degrees with a slight breeze blowing. I walked for a glorious 45 minutes and the temp had risen 10 degrees during that time, so I was hottt when it was over, but oh so happy.
I felt like a bird who was let out of my cage, like a bear coming out of hibernation, like a butterfly emerging from her cocoon. Ok, maybe not a butterfly, but definitely a bird or a bear! It was exhilarating to hear the birds singing and to see the squirrels rushing about among the pecan trees. I saw several butterflies happily flitting about and thought about how they will soon be gone when the autumn chill arrives.
And... I could still conquer the dreaded hill that challenged me in May! In fact, it might have been a little easier than the last walk I took outside in the beginning of June. I have been trying to do the walking video and exercise bike 3 times a week, this summer and wondered if it was accomplishing anything at all so I was pleased to see that it had!
The top picture was a tree that has started to change color, but even though it is still hot here, the evenings have cooled down considerably and this weekend when my daughter, son in law and grandson are visiting from Florida, is going to be much cooler.
It is a foretaste of the beauty that is to come this fall!


  1. I can't wait to see the leaves changing. It is so funny that when you live in states that experience that you take it for granted until you live in Florida. I remember my first visit back to N.Y. in October after living in Florida, I took more pictures of the trees than of family.

  2. fall would be my absolute favorite season of the year. our trees haven't started to change yet but the nights are getting chilly. i love it!

  3. Mornings are cooler here and leaves are starting to fall. September and October are the best months of all. Love these beautiful photos.

  4. Ahhhhhh, I love fall. So good for you, exercising inside during the hot weather. Now your neighbors will be saying, "Look at her go; I bet she's been seeing a personal trainer!" LOL

  5. I love that fall is right around the corner. Good for you and your walk!

  6. I know!! I am so excited and don't melt when I am outside taking photos now!

  7. Don't you just loooove the fall? Wearing sweaters and being cozy!! Glad you got that nice walk in! We've been having the same kind of weather in PA (cool AM/hot PM)... but I have had no motivation to walk (shame on me!)

    Enjoy your time with Stina and family!! :)

    Ps-I LOVE Jenny's hair in your etsy photos! I wish mine looked like that!!!