Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Easy Chocolatey Dessert

Last Monday my daughter Jenny got an urge to make a recipe she had seen on The Pioneer Woman website. Oh, I love when Jenny starts feeling domestic! The recipe was for nutella and banana slice filled won ton wrappers, fried then sprinkled with powdered sugar. Weirdly enough, I did have won ton wrappers in the fridge (not sure what the inspiration for buying them was), but alas, they had expired! I bet you didn't know that they could expire, but we were a good two months past the date and even though they looked and smelled fine, we were hesitant to take a gamble. After all, we have all checked in to the "poop and puke hotel" and we have no desire to return there! So...Jenny made some won ton dough from scratch. The pastries turned out delicious, even though she couldn't get the dough as thin as a won ton. I only had two since I am trying to stay away from sweets and they were so tasty. At least they had banana in them which is a fruit and nutella has hazelnuts which is good for you too, right? Right...
Well, last night the domesticity returned only this time with perfectly fresh won ton wrappers purchased by Jenn last week. She preferred making them this week since it was so fast to fill pre-made won tons. The results were even better than last week, and again I mustered all the self control I could , to only have two. Scrumptious!
( I went on the exercise bike for 45 minutes yesterday too)
click here for the recipe


  1. great. nutella is wonderful so this should be a delicious recipe.

  2. These sound really yummy. I love Nutella so I know I would love these. You must have some great willpower to eat just two.